Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jacob Update 8-24-10

Well the time came for Jacob to have a change made to his bed.  He can now get in and out on his own however he won't....LOL.  At bedtime he walks in and gets in the bed only if we tell him to, and in the morning he sits in the bed until we come in and say he can get out.  I think that is a good thing?  He loves his bed now thank goodness.  He hasn't been eating very well the past few days but at least he is eating a little here and there. 

His cardiology appointment went well early this month.  His SATS were down to 87 from 91 six months ago.  Dr. Garmany said we would notice him starting to slowly turn blue once they drop to 85 or so.  We spoke to Jacob's surgeon in Cincinnati and he said they generally like to have kids at 30 pounds or more before they have the Fontan procedure.  Jacob is at 27 right now so I don't think it will be long before he starts showing signs.  I did notice yesterday when we were playing in the yard that he was really out of breath so the low SATS are definitely showing. 

Keep on praying for our little man! 

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