Monday, December 13, 2010

Surgery Date Confirmed

Jacob's actual surgery date will be Friday, March 4, 2011.  We will actually be driving up Monday evening because he has an echo scheduled at 8:30 Tuesday morning.  After that we are going to try to take him to the inside zoo about a block from the hospital, he loves animals.  Wednesday he will be admitted and all the "fun" begins.

We are really nervous about this one since the recovery time is so much longer and he is so much more aware of everything.  Also the infection risk concerns us as well.  Since we both have to work when we get back its going to be showers galore when we get home, sanitize city, bleach paradise!  We are just praying for a successful surgery and a painless recovery for our little guy. 

Just keep us in your prayers, especially Jacob.  Thanks to all!

God Bless
The Roth's

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