Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cardio Visit

Jacob had his final cardiology visit before his suregery today.  His O2 stats were between 81 and 82.  He weighed in at 30lbs 2oz and is 34 inches tall.

 Dr. Garmany was very pleased at how well he is doing.  His function and flow looked great she said.  When we asked her if she thought we were rushing into this last surgery she immediately said "no".  She said that it was better to do it when they are smaller, but when their bodies are ready as if it is done when they are older and in school infection risk would be higher.  So we were happy to hear that.  As for now, we simply wait to drive up to Cincinnati for his echo on March 1 and then wait another 3 days for the surgery.  The waiting game is so hard when it comes to "matters of the heart" if you know what I mean........no pun intended. :)  Well that's about it for now, just keep the prayers coming and we will update you again when we have more news!

Love and blessings
The Roths

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