Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So we have the all clear for visitors as long as they are NOT sick. Jacobs O2 level was 95, which is great considering it was 78-80 before the Fontan. His INR test came back normal, this test is to check to see how the coumadin is working.

On our way out of the office Jacob started doing his super hero pose in front of all the doctors and nurses! They were laughing so hard, they loved it!

Jacob still has to get blood-work every two weeks until the coumadin gets leveled out. After that it will be once a month. No rough housing for another two weeks, but normal boy play doest exclude rough housing. He just can't have anyone sitting on his chest.....duh or take any direct hard blows to the chest. Other than that he is good to go! Guess I need to start posting post-op at home updates now.

Thanks again to everyone for praying for our little super hero!

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