Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pulse Ox West Virginia (Corbin's Law)

I recently had the pleasure to meet and become friends with Ruth Caruthers, a fellow heart mom.  Eventhough her story and mind differ dramatically we share a common goal; to get pulse ox testing mandated in the state of West Virginia.  Kathy Baker, myself and Ruth are working on getting a bill put before Legistlature to make this a law and we are meeting with the AHA today to get started.

Ruth lost her son Corbin early this year to multiple heart defects caused by Williams Syndrome.  Had her son had been monitored by pulse ox when he was in the hospital after birth the defects most likely would have been caught and his life may have been saved.  Ruth is a very strong woman and I respect her tremedously for what she is doing.

Check out the link below to see Ruth and myself interviewing with WVVA News and please support Pulse Ox screen by signing the petition at the end of this post.

Moms Trying to save lives of CHD infants

Wont you sign it to save the life of a new born?

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