Friday, March 11, 2011

3-11-11 update

Sorry I haven't posted an update to the blog since the day of surgery.  I didn't have the link to post from my phone until today.  In any case Jacob has been having some issues holding food down and I think they finally found the meds that will work for him. He vomited twice and it was very painful for him, plus they ended up having to change all of his bandages since they got soaked. 

However this did allow me to hold him for the first time since Monday morning. He did eat some gold fish crackers, a few bites of apple and two small bites of apple sause today.  It got to the point that he was afraid to eat for fear he would throw up again.

This evening he has been nibbling on the gold fish crackers and hasn't stopped drinking apple juice.  The have him on a regular regiment of Miralax, lasix, analapryl, cumidan and zantac.  I am hoping that these will work together to get him eating so they can take out the feeding tube.  He still has his chest tubes as he is still putting out a significant amount of fluid from the chest cavity.  They will be removing the bandages from this incision tomorrow but I'm not sure if the will remove the intracardiac and pacer bandages.  He has been leaking from those as well.

They will be drawing blood tomorrow morning at 4am and I am hoping he will not get so upset that he vomits all his feed up from tonight.  His nurse told me they were going to try and hold off on bloodwork unitl like 8 am to ge give the food time to process through before they get him so upset.  I also asked about a PICC line to get blood and give meds through as this would be alot less painful for him as he wouldn't feel anything when they drew blood and gave meds.  I am waiting to hear in the morning if they decide to do it or not.  I will keep you posted.

He always smiles when we ask him to, and it makes us feel good about everything.  Please keep him in your prayers.


  1. That smile could chase the rain away. He is such a brave little super hero. I love you Jacob, hurry and get well.Praying for you always.

  2. Good morning sweetheart. Pokey & Roscoe miss you & are anxious for you to be well & come home. I love you!