Monday, March 14, 2011


Ok, sorry I haven't posted in a while. Its been kind of stressful here the last few days. Jacob didn't have a very good day yesterday, and today didn't start off that great either. He had blood drawn three times today and he is running out of places to stick. He had a fever today of 103.1 (which they said was common in Fontan patients) and they gave him Tordal for that. His fever came down and they came in to remove the chest tubes. They tried the right side first and it wouldn't come out, it was stuck. So they called in his surgeon and he came in to take it out. The left side came out with no issues. It was not very pleasent to watch.

On a good note, the chest tubes are out and only has his feeding tube and IV remaining. We just returned from x-ray where he did totally awesome. He said "CHEESE" when they said to smile........LOL it was hilarious and the technicians loved him. Tomorrow he will have an echo and lets hope they don't have to sedate him for that. They didn't have to for the first one so hopefully he can go 2 for 2. Keep praying as he is afraid to walk as well. He is very unsteady and is scared to stand up, but can you blame him? He has been through a lot in the past three days, not to mention the prior 4 days. But he is indeed a trooper and the prayers are keeping him strong.

On the way to X-RAY

We are worn out from worrying so much but now that the chest tubes are out we can rest a little easier. Now just pray there is no pneumonia in his lungs as he has a lot of fluid and is coughing a lot.

I will update again tomorrow if I don't forget. Funny how all this can make you forget stuff....LOL

With Thanks and LOVE

Michelle, Pete and SUPERHERO (Jacob)

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