Saturday, March 12, 2011

Breakfast anyone?

Jacob's appetite is coming back! He kept all his feeds down lastg night. We ordered breakfast and he ate three bites of egg, half a piece of bacon, three good size bites of apple sauce, one bite of banana, three drinks of orange juice and of course his apple juice. He is sleeping peacefully now. They plan to take off the bandage on his incision and get him up and walking since he started having a congestive cough last night. He still has his chest tubes but they did take out the IV in his foot and had to replace the one in his right hand. The got it on the first stick and were able to draw 4 viles of blood quickly without it clotting. They want him up and walking today so the congestion will break up so he doesn't get pneumonia. Jacob said he wanted to go to the playroom too! He will have to make it with his chest tubes still in but I think he will do fine. Keep on praying because he still has a long way to go, but the prayers that have been prayed are working for sure. THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!

Below are some pictures I took this morning.

Sleeping after breakfast and a new IV

Cards and drawings from Connor, Myles, Lucas, Nikki and Josh (his buddies back home, thanks guys)

Ballons from Aunt Sarah, Uncle Michael, Taylor and Kayleigh (he loves them)

Ballon and teddy bear from WVU Childrens Hospital (thanks everyone)

Woody doll from Gram and Papaw (Pete's Mom and Dad, love you guys)

And again snoozing after all the action this morning

Mommy and Daddy Love you Jacob.  Keep up the good work!  We will always be here for you SUPERHERO!!!!!


  1. THANK YOU LORD!!! So thankful he is keeping his food down. Praying the congestion goes away, and that the walking will go easy and not give him any pain. Wanting to go to the play room is a good sign. :) Love you Jacob!!!

  2. Michelle,
    Kacy and I have been praying for your baby everyday. Kacy is wanting to send him a card. Where should we send it? Take care and stay strong.

  3. thanks for the update this morning michelle! how long will he have to be in the hospital???