Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Decent Night, Better Morning...

ECHO went perfect. They will not need to sedate him which is good because his tummy growling and we just ordered him breakfast. Ofcourse the first thing he asked for was APPLE JUICE!!!! LOL

When he woke up he was really sweaty as usual so I took some pictures after I sweat styled his hair...LOL

And here are some when Daddy got here this morning to play PEEK 'N' HIDE.....LOL

He is smiling a alot today which makes me feel really good! So now we just wait for echo and blood results for today and take everything as it comes. Still no word on when we are going to get to come home but I'm not in a hurry because I want him to be completely ready since we are so far from Cincinnati. Keep praying because even after we get home we still have risk for infection for quite a while.

Love and Heart Hugs

Michelle, Pete and Superhero, aka Jacob

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